Founded in May 2007, Thien Viet Technology Corporation (Thienvietcorp.) premise is a company specializing in supplying, trading and distributing generators and other prestige service in Vietnam. Basing on many-years-experience human resource in generator field, Thienvietcorp. recognize that it can only meet customers’ demands well if we really understand and have knowledge about them; with our such view, we have obtained continuously achievements.

From not much initial investment capital, now we have grown into a strong company with great potential. In the early establishment period, the quantity of customer was little and we were not really have a reputation in this field. Until now, our customers are throughout the country including in many different fields of telecommunications systems, the banking system, buildings, factories, hospitals, schools.

Our sources are no longer confined to some of big brands as in the start-up time, but very various now with outstanding quality mainly from countries where the generator industry is very developed such as Britain, Spain, Japan, Italy. With such potentiality and with the working motto “always try for the benefits of customers, we are gradually expanding the areas of business in other equipments such as generators, elevators, conditioning, sanitary ware and interior decoration. We are confident that we will bring the greatest benefit, the highest satisfaction to all partners and clients who cooperate with us.

        With the slogan “Let our effort be your success” Thienvietcorp. always try the best to bring prosperity  to customers.

    Thienvietcorp. strives to give customers the best products updated, innovated and enriched frequently. Product quality associating with customers’ benefits is Thienvietcorp.’s pride and most attention.

     For the dynamic and professional workforce, Thienvietcorp. commit to supplying good quality services with reasonable prices.

      Customers’ belief  is the biggest motivation for our effort, basing on that Thienvietcorp. will try to improve and perfect our services and products more and more to meet customers’ demands.